Pura Besakih - The Mother Temple

Besakih Temple is one of Bali's tourist destinations which has its own uniqueness. It became famous because of the complex of temples established here and is also known as the Mother Temple in Bali. Besakih, which has a very calm and religious atmosphere, was built based on the four directions of the compass.

The Besakih Temple or Pura Agung Besakih is located at Besakih village, Rendang district, on the south-western side of Mount Agung. It is about 44klms from Amlapura and 62klms from Denpasar.

Some facilities are available in the area of Besakih to support the growing tourism, like food and drink stalls, fruit stalls and art and crafts shops. There is also quite a large parking area and local guides who are always available to enhance your tour of Pura Besakih..

The temple was built in a holy village named Hulundang Basukih, which is known today as Besakih village. The name of Besakih was derived from the word "Basuki" or in some old manuscripts written as Basukir or Basukih. The word Basuki itself was taken from the word "Wasuki" on the Sunskrit, which means "salvation".

In the mythology of Samudramanthana it is mentioned that Basuki was the name of a dragon that coiled around the Mandara Mountain.

The traditional stories say that the Besakih Temple was built by Rsi Markandya and his followers in the 11th century. At that time, Rsi Markandya went to Mount Agung to build a residence. However, the construction was troubled by the spread of disease which caused the death of his followers. For the safety of his followers, he then constructed a temple to pray to God for salvation. The temple was called "Sanggar Basuki".